Casa Derika- Tofo Accommodation
Casa Derika, Tofo Accommodation, Mozambique

Casa Derika enjoys Tofo’s prime spot. Located right on the main beach it takes less than 50 yards to experience the hot waters of the Mozambique Channel. The cottage offers basic facilities for a small family. Mom and Dad can sit on the verandah and keep an eye on the children playing on the beach. For teens, the cottage is also ideally located and a stone’s throw from their places of interest, e.g. beach bars and curios.

Casa Derika sleeps max 5 and offers guests a 2-bedroom cottage with the basic rustic styled self- catering facilities, including:
The cottage is serviced with municipal 220 volt electricity and water supply we do not recommend it for drinking). Water can be collected from Casa Christine or Casa Isabel, which have borehole water supply. During peak season times (Christmas to New Year), the supply cannot match Tofo’s demand and periodic power and water cuts are experienced. The cottage is served by a house-cleaner during day-time ….. no need for mom to make the beds, sweep the floors, or wash the dishes. During night time (22:00 to 06:00) a guard is keeping an eye, out so that your privacy and security are not compromised. The house cleaner can arrange someone to wash your clothes at a modest fee. Casa Derika dates back to the pre-war colonial period (early 1960’s) during which a row of approximately 10 look-alike cottages was built by a Portuguese gentleman with the name of Mr. Poletta, right on the main beach at Tofo. Some of these cottages survived the period of war and was rehabilitated to their original state. Casa Derika, being one of them is located right in the middle.
Access to the cottage by motor vehicle was recently destroyed by cyclones. Your motor vehicle needs to be parked some 50 meters from the cottage. The night guard also keeps an eye on your car.

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Casa Derika
2013 rates

Rates Low High
  Valid 15 Jan 13 to 30 Nov 13
5 sleeper R 600.00 R 1400.00
  Valid 1 Dec 13 to 30 Nov 14
5 sleeper R 600.00 R 1450.00
HIGH SEASON: 21 March – 8 April, 22 June – 13 July,
21 Sept – 30 Sept 2012, 29 Sep – 7 Oct 2012.
& Dec 2013 – 14 January 2014.


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