Hotel Omuhipiti - Illa de Mozambique
Hotel Omuhipiti, Illa De Mozambique, Mozambique

Hotel Omuhipiti is situated on Mozambique Island which is a “World Heritage Site” situated just off the main land approximately 2000km up the coast from Maputo and 500km from the Tanzanian border.

The Hotel Omuhipiti is situated near the extreme point of the island, 300m from the Fortress. Calm & quiet ambience of the hotel and surroundings will offer you the necessary relaxation to de-stress. It is air conditioned throughout and facilities include a dining room, bar, coffee lounge, laundry and gift shop. The hotel will have a water sports centre which will offer diving, fishing, dhow trips, island excursions and picnics. The hotel can also provide guides to show you around the fascinating island.

Some History and Info - Previously the country’s capital it was an important trading post for all shipping in the Western Indian Ocean, it attracted merchants from around the globe dealing in gold, spices, ivory and slaves. Various people from Europe, Arabia, India, China and Indonesia converged at Mozambique Island and influences from all these civilisations can still be seen in the customs, social practices, religion, language, dress, dance, cuisine and architecture of this amazing island.
There is road access to Mozambique Island but road conditions are not good and it should only be attempted in a 4x4. There are Flights to Nampula with LAM and resorts can transfer clients by road to the island (150km).

Mozambique Island is connected to the main land by a one lane road bridge which is 3 kms long.
Entry to the island is through “Macuti town” where the vast majority of the island’s large population live. Most of the local people living on the island moved there during the war years as it was considered a safe haven. They built houses in the traditional style of bamboo and coral stone walls with dried palm frond (macuti) roofs. As guests move north through the island “Macuti town” gives way to “Stone town” with it’s narrow streets and huge variety of architectural styles. Many of these buildings have fallen into terrible disrepair but projects funded by the world bank are underway to restore them to their former glory. A stroll around Stone Town finds Mosques / Churches and Hindu Temples all from different centuries, grand palaces, and magnificent municipal buildings. At the far north of the island is the St Sebastian Fortress built during the 16th century by the Portuguese. There is a guide to show you around. It is still possible to see traditional craftsmen working with silver, making magnificent woven reed baskets and mats, and of course fixing their nets for the all important fishing industry. A common site is ladies of the Macua people with white painted faces, these traditional masks are made from “micirro” - a powder extracted from a root to soften the skin.

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Hotel Omuhipiti

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