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Pomene, Inhambane, Mozambique
Pomene bay, Mozambique Inhambane

Pomene is in the district of Massinga in the province of Inhambane. Pomene is 120 km north of the town of
Inhambane. The 200 square km Pomene Nature Reserve was established in 1964. The reserve was created to protect wildebeest and other species in the area.

Pomene coast is a Costal Marine Reserve. There is a war damaged, abandoned 5 star hotel and a working light house at Pomene. The area is world renowned for its scuba diving reefs and for its game fishing. The estuary floods the mangroves at high tide.

Shops at Pomene - It's a little tongue-in-cheek to call the shops at Pomene, Shopping Centers. But these rural tuck-shops are trying very hard to cater to both the locals and the passing traveler. These shops offer very basic supplies such as cool drinks, beers and a bit of fruit. The real value comes from the curios they sell.
So, if you are visiting Pomene and looking for the odd curio to take home, first take a look at these traders at Pomene. If you don't find what you are looking for, you may find them on the road home, but try support the Pomene Shopping Centers before you leave.

If you are visiting to Pomene as a camper or you are booked into self catering accommodation, plan to arrive with everything you may need. Pomene is remote (63km of the main road) and you want to avoid traveling to a larger town to refill your gas bottle or buy some braai meat.

Pomene Lodge has a shop in the lodge that sells a few of the very basics, such as toothpaste or mosquito spray, if you forgot to pack.
If you are booked into the new Pomene Lodge water edge chalets, you can pack light. Pomene Lodge has taken care of all the supply logistics and you need only pack your passport and costume.

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